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Polk County, IA Public Records

Polk County public records include any written, audio, or video materials produced and maintained by local government agencies. Anyone can request access to this information without providing a statement of purpose. Vital records like births, deaths, marriages, and divorces fall into the category of partially available records. These are only available to eligible record seekers such as, close relations, legal representatives, spouses, and the person on the record. Births, deaths, and marriages can also obtain these documents from the County Recorder’s office. The office also charges a non-refundable fee of $20 for record searches and one certified copy. Divorces, though, may be accessed in person from the Clerk of the District Court. Property records are available for public access as well. These can be obtained from the County Assessor’s Office.

Courts in Polk County

Court Records in Polk County, Iowa

Polk County court records are available for inspection, provided no legal exemptions exist. The Polk County Courthouse is the only trial court in the county. Typically interested parties can go to the courthouse where the case was heard. Record seekers may obtain them by visiting the clerk of the court's office. Alternatively, interested parties may find court records online via the online search portal. Typically the clerk may charge $11 for certified documents and a copy price of $0.50 for each page. The office must also receive full payment before certified copies are issued. There are some court records, though, which cannot be accessed by the public though. Those, which include ongoing criminal investigations, domestic abuse, and juvenile records, are not available to the public.

Court Name:
1111 East Court Avenue
Des Moines
1112 East Court Avenue
Des Moines

Jails and Prisons in Polk County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Polk County, Iowa

All parties may access Polk County inmate records, and there are no legal exemptions per open records statutes. They are produced and maintained by the County Sheriff’s office, which also provides a current list of inmates an online search platform. This platform provides information on the inmate’s details, such as the name, age, booking date, and criminal charges. Polk County inmates are allowed visitors every week. The visitors have to adhere to regulations such as punctuality and wearing appropriate clothing. They may also deposit money to an inmate’s account using the designated online platform. Polk County has eight jails and prisons, serving 496,844 residents. It is ranked 99th out of 99 in terms of jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
1985 NE 51st Place
Des Moines

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Polk County

Arrest Records in Polk County, Iowa

Polk County arrest records are available to parties, provided no legal exemptions exist. These are generated by law enforcement agencies like the sheriff’s office and local police departments. The records include the arrestee’s physical details, witness statements, the arresting officer, and the details of detainment. Open records laws may allow the public to access this information though it depends on the contents of the records. Any arrests that entail juvenile information, domestic or sexual abuse, and ongoing criminal investigations are not available to the public. The Division of Criminal Investigation from the Iowa Department of Public Safety also allows access to criminal background checks with the same legal provisions. Polk County has 19 police departments, and the crime rate is 25.42 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
5995 NE 14th Street
Des Moines

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